Prisoner Disarms Officer in Freeport Lock-Up, Resulting in Three Injuries

A dramatic incident at the Freeport Police Station this evening left three individuals injured by gunfire. According to reports, a policeman and two detainees sustained gunshot wounds after a detainee managed to disarm the officer.

The altercation began when a detainee overpowered the policeman on duty, seizing his firearm. The detainee then began firing within the lock-up area, causing chaos. He barricaded himself inside while continuing to shoot.

Police reinforcements were quickly summoned, and the detainee was eventually subdued and taken back into custody.

The injured individuals include the disarmed policeman, who was shot in the hand, and two inmates, who suffered gunshot wounds to their upper bodies. One inmate was shot in the neck, and the other in the chest. Their current conditions remain unknown.

The Police High Command has initiated an investigation into the incident, with initial reports suggesting that the disarmed policeman may have breached protocol.

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